Claim your Sanctum, earn $AEON, unlock content in the Ririsu Universe.


Sanctums are your keys to the Ririsu Universe. Unlocking each room creates a bonus $AEON yield for every Ririsu Gen 1 that lives there, 5 Ririsu per sanctum.

Some rooms have secondary functions which will allow future ways to explore the Ririsu Universe, customize your experience, and spend $AEON.

Claim a Sanctum by owning a minimum of two Gen 1 Ririsu. Max Supply:1,111


Gen 1 Ririsu can channel their demonic energy, matrializing it into a crystalline form called $AEON. Spend $AEON to unlock content in the ecosystem! Ririsu Gen 1 with a legendary trait produce slightly more $AEON.


Through meditation and focus our girls can embrace their inner demon, increasing their power level by 1 every 12 hours.

Enchant Room

By spending $AEON our girls can unlock rooms in their sanctum. Each new Sanctum room unlocks an $AEON multiplier based on room rarity as well as other actions specific to some rooms.

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